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Ase Tribe!

So with the shoppe updates every week we've been touching on different intentions as voted on by you then confirmed w Spirit. 

Now we've been holding livestreams during the week and before the shoppe opens, but I realized that obvs not everyone gets to access the livestreams 100% of the time, plus its easy to forget the exact intentions w so much going on.

So this post will cover a brief description of OUR intentions behind our candle, soap, oil, and group spells. You might hear these terms or titles used elsewhere, but I'm not responsible for another practitioners' interpretation.

Let me start by saying that ALL of my handmade products start with herbs and intentions for PROTECTION and SELF LOVE, no matter which product you're getting.

 I wanted to provide products to help you pour back into yourself.

The temple Cleanse and The Protect The Temple apply to both your physical home and your Body as your Temple, including your emotional, physical, psychic, and energetic body.

CLEANSE + PROTECT: These products (just a soap so far) Were created during a period of civil unrest in our country. With so many traumatizing images, arguments, conversations and energy in our World and social media, especially for those of you protesting on the front lines, Spirit guided me to create a bar of soap inspired by White Baths that will assist in cleansing your Aura and energetic body, as well as providing protective herbs for you to be prepared for your day. Think of this as an energetic armor during this time. As a note, you might notice some of the color of the herbs bleeding into the soap, this is natural as the soap continues to cure. We only use certified fair trade organic herbs, so that's just a little extra Ase from the plant spirit <3


This soap, oil and herb blend created during last years lions gate portal is meant to help you harness the energy of the Dog star, Sirius. Our Kemetic ancestors looked at this time as very powerful and we have all been receiving the downloads. featuring herbs from Kemet, this spell intention is great for boosting your other spellwork, ancestral connection and downloads from the Ancients, A lot of people shared with me that they held on to their lions gate portal items until something big came along, as an FYI. 



2nd Pentacle of Jupiter: These products feature oils consecrated to the 2nd pentacle of Jupiter, which is used for 

"This is proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind; also to discover Treasures and chase away the Spirits who preside over them"

The Verse associated with this Seal is Psalms 112:3; useful for activating the oil while in use.

Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter These products feature oils consecrated to the 4th pentacle of Jupiter -- It serveth to acquire riches and honor, and to possess much wealth. It's Angel is Bariel. It should be engraved upon silver in the day and hour of Jupiter when he is in the Sign Cancer.

Both the Jupiter oils feature Gold and Silver leaf since I wasn't about to engrave anything in silver lol

Remember faith without works is dead! The Jovial Spirits are here to assist you, but be sure to assess and take action on places in your life where you can start to set yourself up for the wealth that's about to pour in! Reading books and articles on financial literacy, investing etc would be recommended so that you can be sure to be a good steward of your Money and manage it properly! The Jovial Spirits can lead you to the treasures, but its up to you to grab it and manage it to make more for you! Wealth can also come in the form of partnerships, opportunities and ideas!

 If any of the above sounds like too much for you, I'd recommend grabbing a shadow work, self love or kut and Kleanse product prior to purchasing these oils.

Boldness and Balance: Our Tarot tuesday message was clear that we need to embrace boldness and courage in this next phase of the year and take the time to honor our shadow selves, balancing dark and light to work together for our highest good.


Mercury Rx: Since we are approaching the Shadow Period of this upcoming Mercury Rx, I decided to add a couple candles,soaps and oils (use the drop down menus) attuned to the frequency of Mercury to help us with discernment + introspection during this next 6-8 weeks, as well as healing and throat chakra support to aid in communication. Mercury Rx isn't a time to be feared at all! It's a time the Celestial bodies give us the chance to revisit themes to heal, shed an ascend for our Highest Good. 


Discernment + IntroSpection: This weeks' shoppe intention as voted on by the Tribe and confirmed by Spirit during this weeks' Tarot Tuesday livestream! Mercury will be Retrograde starting Halloween, so it's shadow period starts around the 10th. This is usually a time for introspection and for patterns that need healing to come up in our lives. Speaking of Halloween, as we approach the time of the year where the veil between the physical and spirit worlds are thinning, we can expect to receive a lot of messages, signs + ancestral communications. This weeks' products will be spelled and contain crystals, herbs + oils to support you through this time through Healing, Psychic Connection + Protection, Courage and more! 

Gratitude/Harvest Season: This shop intention falls in line with the Autumn equinox, so these products will contain herbs and elements attuned to action + introspection, helping us activate the power of gratitude to reap what we've sown over the last 9 months or so. This week is also falling in line with the New Moon so if you haven't been on your ish this year, this is a great week to grab these products to attune to the right intention based on all that you've learned with us!

PROTECK THAT NECK: A soap filled with protective elements to help with Psychic, Energetic and Physical Protection

Seals Of Saturn: This products are infused with oils consecrated to Seals of Saturn, to bring in the Protective Elements of Saturn for your temple as well as to chase away spirits that guard treasures. This was a special seal poured on Jupiter Day in the Hour of Venus, which brings in extra protective elements (HIGHLY PROTECTIVE) as well as assisting with manifesting wealth and protecting your assets.

Attract Clients/Better Business: Products with this title have herbs imbued meant not only for attracting prosperity, but attracting consistent and loving clients, and protection from your business from otherwise. We also add in healing elements to help heal and clear any negativity surrounding your ability to make money for yourself; as well as herbs + spices to inspire action from YOU and ideas from Spirit.

Court Case: These items harness the Ase of The High + Low John the Conqueror plants, are highly protective, but also depend on your faith in a favorable income. The stories surrounding the Spirit of High John involve helping liberate black folks from systemized oppression. Lore says that before Massa's whip could touch the back of an enslaved person, High John was there. Trust this.

Road Opener: I recommend road openers regularly. The road or crossroad was seen by the Elders as an active place for the Spirit realm. Road Openers are meant to appease these Spirits IMO. While using road opener products, I affirm that the "roads to the experiences, people + abundance meant for my highest good be opened to me, may anything less than that be left on the road behind me and blocked off from returning." I also recommend road openers for those of you that have multiple intentions going on. 

Self Love: Our Self Love contain herbs + elements attuned to frequencies of love and healing to create a space where you attract your desires based on the positive intentions and view of yourself, Body Mind + Soul. It is not a one stop fix solution to self love issues, but a continuous support throughout your journey.

King Kut Klear Kleanse:  King Kut Klear Kleanse products feature herbs and elements recommended by the Key of Solomon the King to Create Holy Water. These products are meant to bring in a powerful cleansing force into your life.

If it aint fit for Royalty, prepare for these products to get them up out of your experience. This soap was designed to use when performing spells involving the Pentacles of Solomon, but also feature cord cutting elements used in traditional Hoodoo practices. Great for transitions, i.e grief, loss, breakup, layoff etc.

Queen of The South:

OOOh chiiile there's so much to say about the Empress Makeda. 

Queen of The South: Wisdom Power Glory 👑🔑✨Featuring 24k Gold + Silver Leaf, In honor of Empress Makeda and the wealth her Massive Kingdom Possessed as well as the herbs and spices She travelled over 1400 miles to meet her Love 👑🔑 She brought the Table, the table cloth, napkins, dishes AND the Meal. She was who she was before She ever heard of King Solomon via those little birds 🐤😍 LETS BE CLEAR. ☝

2nd Pentacle of Venus: This Solomonic Seal is for "obtaining grace and honour, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all thy desires herein" Most Potent on Fridays, Venus day.

Prosperity $$$: Is for attracting prosperity to you in the form of opportunities and ideas, not just cold hard cash (but that's in there too!) We also imbue it with the energy of being a good steward of money and Money Management, with healing energies to help rid you of negative thoughts about acquiring, building and keeping wealth.

 Auset Heals brings in the healing properites of the Kemetic Ntr Auset, better known as the Egyptian Diety Isis. Featuring Herbs sourced from Egypt, this helps promote physical, mental and energetic healing in conjunction w other healing modalities.

Shadow Work for us involves accepting those parts of oneself that society deems negative, unwanted and unattractive. Learning about these parts of ourselves, and managing the "demons" in our lives to traits that can be used to our benefit. Imbued w healing herbs and intentions, as well as cleansing, and herbs/essential oils to heighten your intuition.

Ancestral Offering/Connection: These items are imbued with herbs intentions meant as to strengthen intution + psychic connection and protection. You are already connected to your ancestors by the blood that runs through your veins. They live in your cells and bones. These products just turn up the volume a lil bit.

KING OF GLORY/5th Pentacle of Mercury

The King of Glory Solomonic Road Opener  These items are Spelled with the 5th Pentacle of Mercury, what I like to call the Solomonic Road Opener. This special products for the King includes embedded frankincense tears and 24 Karat Gold Leaf. They also contains all of the herbs prescribed to make Holy Water for Use with the Seals and was consecrated and activated during our group spells! Most potent on Wednesday's Mercury Day 

The Lapis Lazuli Soap, a HEMP OIL Soap infused with Lapis Lazuli dust. According to Scott Cunningham's Crystal Encyclopedia, Lapis Lazuli has been used for thousands of years by Royalty as a protective and psychic talisman. Lapis Lazuli was revered by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemet and used to protect warriors, children, travelers, as well as promote fidelity within romantic relationships. It has also been said to heighten psychic ability and protect from psychic attack. It is best known as a throat chakra stone that helps us clear blockages that arise from not speaking our truth or trusting our intuition. Fresh Linen Fragrance

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